a one-day conference presented by

The University of Chichester, De Montfort University, Kingston University, Roehampton University, University of Surrey, & York University, Toronto, in collaboration with the Society for Dance Research

Saturday 13th October 2012
University of Chichester

The popular is frequently associated with the present, with cultural forms that are current and have currency. And yet, at the fifth anniversary of PoP Moves (formerly Popular Dance and Music Matters), we find ourselves looking back and considering the popular in relation to time, histories and memories.

Submissions for this conference were invited in any area of popular performance research, but we
particularly sought those addressing historical questions:

•  What historical traces are left by popular performances?

•  How has the notion of the popular shifted over time?

•  Can the popular dancing body be conceived as an archive and/or a repertoire?

•  What role do popular performances play in constructing cultural, social, and bodily memory?

•  How is the past made present (and absent) in contemporary popular performance forms?

•  What contribution can historical research make to the teaching of popular dance studies and
    popular dance studies to the teaching of dance history and history more generally?

•  How can we construct methodologies for researching popular performance histories?

•  How can embodiment and creation help us investigate the popular past?

Programming Committee: Professor Theresa Buckland, Dr Melissa Blanco Borelli, Dr Ann David, Dr Mary Fogarty, Dr Joanna Hall, Dr Clare Parfitt‐Brown and Dr Danielle Robinson

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